Wirksame Rauchentwöhnung dank Vaporizer und App

Die wirksame Nikotinentwöhnung

Smoking is addictive twice: physically through nicotine, and psychologically through the habit. nuumi is the world's first smoking cessation programme that combines a smart vaporiser for personalised nicotine cessation with app-based behavioural training and AI-coaching. By treating both the physical and psychological aspects of cigarette dependence, nuumi helps you to break the habit and quit without common withdrawal symptoms.


Von Psychologen entwickelt auf Basis jahrzehntelanger Forschung.


Ganzheitliche Lösung die gegen die körperliche und psychische Abhängigkeit wirkt.


Ohne abrupten Rauchstopp einfach und bequem in deinen Alltag integrierbar.

Sie haben es bereits geschafft!

The nuumi vaporiser: your personalised nicotine cessation

Die smarte Nikotinentwöhnung

The nuumi vaporiser: your personalised nicotine cessation

Finally, you can quit smoking without common withdrawal symptoms thanks to the world's first vaporiser designed for smoking cessation.

Track your puff behaviour

Personalised and gentle nicotine cessation

At least 95% less toxic substances than cigarettes

The nuumi app: your daily companion

Die KI-basierte Rauchstopp-App

The nuumi app: your daily companion

Practice stress management, learn to control your cigarette cravings and increase your well-being.

Check_box 24/7 KI-basiertes_Coaching_um mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören

Get 24/7 personalised AI coaching

Check Box Verhaltenstraining um mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören

Behavioural training with 100+ audios, exercises & meditations

Gamification increases your motivation

Your three steps to become a non-smoker for life

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2 weeks

In the first two weeks, you switch from cigarettes to the vaporizer, which gives you the necessary nicotine supply. Your personal coach supports you 24/7.

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2-4 months

Over the next two to four months, your nicotine consumption will be gradually reduced. Behavioral training helps you control your cravings.

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smoking cessation

Once you are done with the program, you no longer need the vaporizer or cigarettes. You are finally free from your addiction!

Frau spaziert glücklich und rauchfrei durch den Park

Du sparst sofort mit nuumi

Du sparst sofort mit nuumi

Das Nichtraucherprogramm ersetzt effektiv deine Zigaretten, wodurch du bis zu 95% weniger Schadstoffe aufnimmst und bereitet dich so optimal auf den endgültigen Rauchstopp vor.

Get access to the most effective quit methods at your finger tip

Get access to the most effective quit methods at your finger tip

For the development and validation of the nuumi program we collaborate with Prof. Dr. Tobias Esch. The renowned doctor is an expert in the field of health promotion and has already done research at Harvard Medical School and the Berlin Charité.

Funding from the European Regional Development Fund

Nuumi is funded for its technological innovation project by the Investitionsbank Berlin and the European Union through the "ProFIT Early Phase & Project Financing" funding program.

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Investitionsbank Berlin Logo

Nuumi is funded for its technological innovation project by the Investitionsbank Berlin and the European Union through the "ProFIT Early Phase & Project Financing" funding program.

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The nuumi program is divided into three phases: switch, reduce and quit.

The first phase involves switching from cigarettes to the nuumi vaporizer. The aim is to completely cover your nicotine needs with the vaporizer. At the same time, your smoking behavior is being tracked so that a tailor-made nicotine cessation program can be established. Personalized tracking and coaching will help you make the transition.

This is followed by the reduction in nicotine intake. With gradual weaning, your physical dependence will weaken and your craving for cigarettes will decrease. At the same time, habits are broken with the help of behavioral training, which consists of informative audios and interactive tasks, to combat your psychological addiction.

The last phase of the program is quitting. When your nicotine consumption has been reduced to a minimum and your addiction no longer controls you due to the behavioral training, you set a "quit date" - this is the day after which you do not use cigarettes or the vaporizer.

Smoking is both physically and psychologically addictive. Nuumi offers a holistic solution and combines gentle nicotine withdrawal with behavioral training. The product in turn consists of an intelligent vaporizer and the nuumi app. Like a fitness tracker, the vaporizer records your smoking behavior in real time and thus gradually reduces your nicotine intake. At the same time, with behavioral training and coaching via the app, you develop new skills in order to consciously control your actions, impulses and emotions in accordance with your goals. Thus, step by step, you gain control over the cravings generated by triggers in order to discard your smoking habits in the long term.

The duration of the program depends on two factors: First, the length of therapy is based on individual smoking behavior – a person who smokes five cigarettes a day will generally quit faster than a person who smokes cigarettes 20 times a day. On the other hand, the duration of the smoking cessation program depends on how much time is invested in behavioral training (we recommend at least 5-10 minutes a day). Our research shows that the average program length is three to five months.

The program consists of a vaporizer and a subscription. It is important to know that the vaporizer can only be purchased in connection with the associated subscription. You make a one-off payment of €59 for the intelligent vaporizer to quit nicotine. The costs for the subscription are based on your individual nicotine needs and start at €49 per month. This includes: access to behavioral training and 24/7 coaching in the nuumi app + pods for your individual nicotine needs, which will be sent to you automatically.

Due to the gentle, personalized nicotine weaning, many of the otherwise typical withdrawal symptoms either do not occur at all or only occur to a lesser extent. We cannot guarantee that you will not experience any withdrawal symptoms, but with our behavioral training you will learn to deal with them better. Emotions and feelings such as stress, inner restlessness and insomnia are often regulated in everyday life with cigarettes. With the help of scientifically based behavioral training, you will learn how to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings through self-regulation and mental strength, i.e. without cigarettes.

No, you don't have to stop smoking straight away. Within the first two weeks you will get used to switching from cigarettes to the vaporizer. The tobacco is ultimately replaced by the vaporizer liquids. Even if you still reach for a cigarette from time to time, you can continue the program without any problems. Our AI coach will always be by your side to make quitting smoking as easy as possible for you.

Rauch-Freiheit fühlt sich einfach gut an!

Rauch-Freiheit fühlt sich einfach gut an!

Fang endlich an, aufzuhören und erstelle jetzt dein persönliches Nichtraucherprogramm.