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Is the nuumi vaporizer compatible with pods from other suppliers?

No. The use of the vaporizer is only possible with the pods provided by nuumi. Using pods from other manufacturers can cause damage to the vaporizer, for which nuumi assumes no liability.

How do I change a pod?
  1. Before inserting each new pod, remove the two silicone caps that serve as hygienic protection.
  2. First check the pod for leaks.
  3. Insert the new pod into the slot provided with the contacts facing down. A magnet fixes the new pod.
  4. Activate the new pod in the nuumi app.
  5. The pod is now ready for use.
Do the pods produce smoke or vapor?

Unlike conventional cigarettes, no tobacco is burned when using a vaporizer. Instead, the liquid contained in the pods is heated and vaporized. So the correct answer is that the pods produce vapor instead of smoke.

When do I need to change the pod?

There are several occasions when you should replace your nuumi pod:

  • The pod is empty and therefore does not produce any vapor.
  • The pod has been damaged by a fall or the like.
  • Small droplets of liquid (“Spitback”) keep coming out of the mouthpiece, even after multiple cleanings.
  • The pod is broken and cannot connect to the app. In this case, please contact nuumi customer service by email at service@nuumi.de .

If one of the above situations occurs, please stop using it and exchange the pod.

What ingredients do nuumi pods contain?

The liquids are made in Germany by a doctor and pharmacist according to the drug standard and contain glycerin, propylene glycol, double-distilled water, aroma and nicotine.

Are the liquids vegan?

Yes, the nuumi liquids are vegan. No animal ingredients are used in the manufacture of our products.

Can I mix liquid and refill the pods myself?

No. All pods are fully sealed inside. If you mix your own liquid and refill the pod, your vaporizer may become inoperable.

The mixing ratio of the liquids was specially developed by us to achieve optimal steam generation and aroma development. For this reason too, you should only use original nuumi pods with the associated vaporizer.

Can the pods cause allergic reactions?

In rare cases, the product can cause allergic reactions and cause irritation of the respiratory tract. Lung function and general health can be affected by the toxic effect. The use of vaporizers and their accessories is expressly and exclusively at your own risk. If you notice any undesirable effects on yourself or other people, stop using it and, if necessary, contact a medical specialist. If you are allergic to certain artificial or natural flavorings, we advise against using liquids.

How do I dispose of my pods?

We recommend disposing of the pods at a municipal collection point or a recycling center.

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