Die beste Methode für den langfristigen Rauchstopp in 2024

The best method for long-term smoking cessation

Nicotine patches, sprays, apps, gum, cold turkey... there are many methods used to quit smoking. But how can you really stop smoking in the long term?
Mit wirksamer Verhaltenstherapie zum Rauchstopp — So wirst du zum Nichtraucher in 2024

With effective behavioral therapy to stop smoking — How to become a non-smoker

Bye bye smoking ritual. Hello self-determined life. What you have learned, you can unlearn - this guiding principle of behavioral therapy states that we can free ourselves from unhealthy behav...
Rauchen aufhören - Mann zerbricht Zigarette

Nicotine patches vs. e-cigarettes: The most effective nicotine replacement for withdrawal symptoms

There are various aids that provide a substitute for the loss of nicotine intake during smoking cessation. On the one hand there are traditional nicotine replacement products such as patches ...
Raucherlunge: Ursache, Symptome und Therapie

The "smoker lung": cause, symptoms and therapy

Every day we breathe in and out about 20,000 times without thinking about it. But what happens when we inhale toxic cigarette smoke every day? Unfortunately, the answer is not a pleasant one - the ...
Mit dem Rauchen aufhören 2024: Methoden und Limitationen

Quitting smoking: Methods and limitations

Are you looking for the magic pill to quit smoking? Unfortunately we have to disappoint you, because they don't exist. In order to be successful in quitting smoking, you need two things above all:...
Rauchstopp mit der E-Zigarette – was sagt die Wissenschaft?

Quitting smoking with the e-cigarette - what does science say?

The role of the e-cigarette in smoking cessation has received much attention from research groups worldwide and knowledge in this area continues to grow. How safe are e-cigarettes? How effective a...
Die Erfolgsformel für den Rauchstopp in 2024

Stop smoking - the formula for success

"You just have to want it" - we often hear people around us when we want to get rid of bad habits like smoking. Willpower is an essential component of smoking cessation, but by no means everything...
Wie Achtsamkeitstraining beim Rauchstopp helfen kann

How mindfulness training can help quit smoking

Tobacco use is not only physically but also psychologically addictive. Changing behavioral patterns through mindfulness training can therefore help those affected to quit smoking. But what exactly...
Dein erster Schritt beim Rauchstopp: Die Tabaksucht verstehen

The first step to quitting smoking - understanding tobacco addiction

Quitting smoking is not easy because nicotine is physically and psychologically addictive. In this article, we will explain exactly what is behind the addiction to cigarettes.
Angst vor Entzugserscheinungen – So vermeidest du sie

Dreaded withdrawal symptoms - how to avoid them

Withdrawal symptoms are common when you quit smoking, even with common nicotine replacement therapies. They hinder the success of the therapy and often lead to the treatment being discontinued and...
Wie kann mir die E-Zigarette beim Rauchstopp in helfen?

How can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking completely?

The e-cigarette is the most commonly used smoking cessation product. Many smokers hope that by switching to electronic aids they will finally be smoke-free. Do you belong too? In this context, we ...