1. Instructions for use and storage

1.1. First-time application information

1. The nuumi vaporizer consists of a battery mod and the associated nicotine-containing pods. Before using the vaporizer for the first time, fully charge it with the supplied cable by plugging the cable into the charging socket and connecting it to a suitable socket. Charge the vaporizer until the LED indicator turns solid white.

Note: The vaporizer can only be used in conjunction with e-liquids. Use only nuumi pods for the vaporizer .

2. Download the nuumi app. This is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Before using the vaporizer for the first time, you must first complete the basic module in the app. Only then can you connect the vaporizer to the app.

3. After the successful pairing between your vaporizer and the nuumi app, you can take a pod out of the packaging and remove the silicone caps. Check the pod for leaks before each use.

4. Insert the pod into the vaporizer and unlock it in the app. Then follow the instructions in the app.

Note: Each pod can only be activated once. Therefore, make sure that the old pod is completely used up before deploying a new pod, as it cannot be reactivated.

5. After the pod has been unlocked in the app, the vaporizer is ready to use. To inhale the vapour, pull on the vaporizer's mouthpiece. If the LED indicator lights up white when you puff, the vaporizer is working properly.

6. The nuumi app tracks every move made. The vaporizer does not need to be connected to the app to be used. The puffs are saved offline on the vaporizer and transferred to the app the next time you connect. If you still reach for a cigarette in between, add each smoked cigarette manually in the app. This is the only way that nicotine withdrawal can be personalized for you.

1.2. General usage instructions

1.2.1. storage

If possible, store the vaporizer and pods in a cool, dark, and dry place where they will not come into contact with food. Conditions that are too warm or too humid can damage the products. To ensure normal operation, the temperature must be between 0°C and 50°C (charging) or -10°C and 60°C (using). Direct sunlight and moisture should always be avoided.

1.2.2. recharge battery

To charge the vaporizer, connect the charging socket of the mod with the supplied charging cable. The operating LED now lights up red and the charging process is running. As soon as the operating LED lights up white, the battery is fully charged.

Note : The vaporizer should not be used while the charging cable is connected.

1.2.3. Replace pod

1. Before inserting each new pod, remove the two silicone caps that serve as hygienic protection.

2. First check the pod for leaks.

3. Insert the new pod into the slot provided with the contacts facing down. A magnet fixes the new pod.

4. Activate the new pod using the nuumi app.

Note : Do not pull the mouthpiece until the pod has been activated using the nuumi app. In rare cases, this can lead to a few droplets of liquid being inhaled . In this case, follow the general health warnings under 2.5.

5. The vaporizer is now ready for use.

Note : If the LED indicator flashes white twice after insertion, the connection between the vaporizer and the pod is successful. If the operating light flashes red once, the connection is faulty. If this is still the case after inserting the pod several times, please contact customer service by email at service@nuumi.de.

1.2.4. vaping

To activate the vaporizer and produce vapor, slowly draw on the mouthpiece. During the move, the power LED lights up white. If the LED indicator is red, the pod is not activated or is faulty.

1.2.5. Meaning of the operating light

  • The vaporizer is successfully paired with the app: white LED flashes 4x
  • New pod is inserted: red LED flashes 3x
  • Pod is activated with the app: white LED flashes 2x
  • Activated pod is inserted: white LED flashes 2x
  • Battery level is below 5%: red LED flashes 5x

  • Child lock activation: red LED flashes 3x

  • Deactivation of child lock: white LED flashes 2x
  • Vaporizer puff: white LED lit (pod activated) or red LED lit (pod needs to be activated)
  • Charging process: red LED is on (charging in progress) or white LED is on (charging complete)
  • Battery level is below 5%: red LED flashes 5x

  • Safety shutdown: red LED flashes 3x
  • Short-circuit protection: red LED flashes 3x

1.2.6. cleaning

Always keep the vaporizer clean for hygienic reasons. To clean the vaporizer, simply separate the pod from the mod and clean both parts with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Make sure that no water enters the pod.

1.2.7. Disposal of the pods

We recommend disposing of the pods at a municipal collection point or a recycling center.

1.3. Technical specifications

Tank volume: 2ml

Dimension: 20.65mm x 11.65mm x 98.3mm

Battery capacity: 450mAh

Resistance: 0.9 ohms

Power: 3.7V

Charging time: 70 minutes

2. General Safety Instructions

2.1. Nicotine warning notice

Nuumi vaporizers can be used with liquid containing nicotine. Nicotine is a toxic substance with a high potential for addiction, which can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion and also through skin contact. Nicotine may cause headaches, stomach pains, drowsiness or nausea and may affect heart rate and blood pressure. Nicotine increases the risk of high blood pressure or a heart attack. Inhaled nicotine can impair the functioning of the airways. Direct ingestion of nicotine is toxic and leads to permanent addiction.

Without exception, our entire e-liquid range is based on the applicable regulations of the current European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD2). As a result, we only offer liquids containing nicotine up to a maximum packaging size of 5 ml and with a maximum nicotine concentration of 20 mg/ml. Our liquids also meet all applicable requirements of the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

Use of the product is at your own risk.

2.1.1. Available nicotine strengths

The nuumi pods are available in the following nicotine strengths:

  • 20 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.2173 mg nicotine)
  • 18 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.1955 mg nicotine)
  • 16 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.1739 mg nicotine)
  • 14 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.1521 mg nicotine)
  • 12 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.1304 mg nicotine)
  • 10 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.1087 mg nicotine)
  • 8 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.0868 mg nicotine)
  • 6 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.0652 mg nicotine)
  • 4 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.435 mg nicotine)
  • 2 mg/ml (per puff contains 0.0217 mg nicotine)
  • 0 mg/ml (per puff contains 0 mg nicotine)

The data were determined using the Borgwaldt LM4E and PM1 evaporation machine according to “CORESTA RECOMMENDED METHOD 81”.

2.2. Contraindications

The following people are not allowed to use the nuumi vaporizer:

  • Children and young people under the age of 18
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Persons with respiratory diseases or allergies to product components: E-liquids used with this vaporizer contain glycerin. In diabetics, glycerin can lead to hyperglycemia or glucosuria.
  • Individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease or diabetes
  • Individuals on treatment with antidepressants or asthma medications
  • Non-smokers are advised not to use vaporizers inside

2.3. Overview of potentially harmful substances

Toxicological data:

Determination of carbonyl compounds in emissions from the nuumi vaporizer during a smoke (corresponds to 100 puff intervals) - with standard liquid (nicotine content 18mg/ml):

Formaldehyde < 6 μg - below the detection limit
Acetaldehyde < 15 μg - below the detection limit
Acrolein < 12 μg - below the detection limit

The data were determined using the Borgwaldt LM4E and PM1 evaporation machine according to “CORESTA RECOMMENDED METHOD 81”.

2.4. Damage to the vaporizer

After a fall or hit to the vaporizer and its components, make sure that the product is still usable before further use. Check to see if liquid is leaking, the mouthpiece has cracks or sharp edges, or parts are loose. If this is the case, stop using the product.

Note : The repair of the vaporizer is never to be carried out independently and only by the manufacturer.

Do not continue to use the vaporizer if the inserted pod is empty. This also applies if taste should change for unknown reasons. In this case, use a new pod.

2.5. General health warnings

2.5.1. Skin contact with liquid

If the liquid in the pod comes into contact with your skin, wash the affected area immediately with clear water. If liquid gets into your mouth or eyes, rinse them out thoroughly with clear water. If liquid is accidentally swallowed, contact the poison control center (24-hour telephone: +49 30 192 40). Spitback

In rare cases it can happen that a few droplets of the liquid get through the mouthpiece into the mouth during inhalation. This is called "spitback". In this case, rinse your mouth thoroughly. Spitback can occur primarily when a pod is completely depleted. To avoid this, a new pod should be inserted when the level is below 5%.

2.5.2. disease symptoms

If you experience discomfort, pain, dizziness, shortness of breath or nausea when consuming the product, stop using it immediately. If symptoms do not subside after stopping use, consult a healthcare professional. In an emergency, call 911.

2.5.3. Allergic reaction

In rare cases, the use of this product may cause an allergic reaction and cause respiratory irritation. Lung function and general health can be affected by the toxic effect. The use of vaporizers and their accessories is expressly and exclusively at your own risk. If you notice any undesirable effects on yourself or other people, stop using it and, if necessary, contact a medical specialist.

3. Technical Safety Instructions

3.1. security features

Safety shutdown: If you puff on the vaporizer for more than 6 seconds, the battery will no longer deliver any power. In this case, the operating LED lights up 3x.

Short-circuit protection: In the event of a short-circuit (Pod's resistance is less than 0.4 ohm), the battery will no longer provide power. In this case, the operating LED lights up 3x.

Overcharge Protection: Stops charging when the battery is almost fully charged.

Note : Do not combine the nuumi vaporizer with parts from other manufacturers. Nuumi accepts no liability for damage caused in this way. 

3.2. Handling lithium-ion batteries

  • Keep the battery out of the reach of children under the age of 14. Therefore, always keep the battery out of the reach of children.
  • Only charge the battery under supervision, uncovered and away from flammable objects.
  • Only use the cable supplied by nuumi for charging.
  • Under no circumstances open the battery yourself. Danger of explosion!
  • Avoid exposing the battery to metal or other conductive objects, fire, water or other liquids.
  • Prevent damage by acting carefully and do not subject the battery to great mechanical stress.
  • Take the defective battery to a licensed battery collection point. Damaged lithium-ion batteries must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
  • Repairs may only be carried out by the manufacturer. Do not attempt any repairs yourself to avoid damage and injury.
  • The battery must not be connected directly to the cigarette lighter in the car.

4. Ingredients

Glycerin, propylene glycol, bidistilled water, aroma, nicotine.