With nicotine weaning with nuumi, you ingest nicotine via the smart vaporizer and can therefore give up smoking. The nicotine intake is reduced step by step, which greatly reduces the physical withdrawal symptoms and the craving to smoke. The vaporizer poses a much lower burden on your physical health than conventional cigarettes because it does not contain harmful substances such as tar, lead and arsenic. In order to optimally supplement nicotine weaning, nuumi provides scientifically based behavioral training with which the mechanisms of one's own smoking behavior are analyzed, counter-strategies are learned and relapses are prevented.

At the moment we only offer the program in Germany. However, we are working on expanding our offer to other countries.

The nuumi program is divided into three phases: Switch, Reduce, and Quit.

The first phase involves switching from cigarettes to the nuumi vaporizer. The aim is to completely cover your nicotine needs with the vaporizer. At the same time, your smoking behavior is analyzed in order to establish a personalized nicotine cessation program. Live tracking and coaching will help you during the switch.

This is followed by the reduction of your nicotine intake. With gradual cessation, your physical dependence will weaken and your craving for cigarettes will decrease. Additionally, habits are broken with the help of behavioral training, which consists of informative audios and interactive tasks, to combat your psychological addiction.

The last phase of the program is quitting. When your nicotine consumption has been reduced to a minimum and your addiction controls no longer controls you due to the behavioral training, you set a "quit date" - this is the day after which you do not use cigarettes or the vaporizer.

Smoking is doubly addictive: physical and psychological. Nuumi therefore offers a holistic solution and combines gentle nicotine withdrawal with behavioral training. The product in turn consists of an intelligent vaporizer and the nuumi app. Like a fitness tracker, the vaporizer records your smoking behavior in real time, gradually reducing your nicotine intake. At the same time, with behavioral training and coaching via the app, you develop new skills in order to consciously control your actions, impulses and emotions in accordance with your goals. Thus, step by step, you gain control over the cravings generated by triggers in order to discard your smoking habits in the long term.

The program consists of a vaporizer and a subscription. It is important to know that the vaporizer can only be purchased in connection with the associated subscription. You make a one-off payment of €59 for the intelligent vaporizer to quit nicotine. The costs for the subscription are based on your individual nicotine needs and start at €49 per month. This includes: access to behavioral training and 24/7 coaching in the nuumi app + pods for your individual nicotine needs, which will be sent to you automatically.

The duration of the program depends on two factors: First, the length of therapy is based on individual smoking behavior – a person who smokes five cigarettes a day will generally quit faster than a person who smokes cigarettes 20 times a day . On the other hand, the duration of the smoking cessation program depends on how much time is invested in behavioral training (we recommend at least 5-10 minutes a day). Our research shows that the average program length is three to five months.

No, you don't have to stop smoking straight away. Within the first two weeks you should get used to switching from cigarettes to the vaporizer. The tobacco is ultimately replaced by the vaporizer liquids. Even if you still reach for a cigarette from time to time, you can continue the program without any problems. Our AI coach will always be by your side along the way and will make quitting smoking as easy as possible for you.

Due to the gentle, personalized nicotine weaning, many of the otherwise typical withdrawal symptoms either do not occur at all or only occur to a lesser extent. We cannot guarantee that you will stop smoking completely without withdrawal symptoms, but you will learn how to deal with them better in our behavioral training. Emotional states such as stress, inner restlessness and insomnia are often regulated in everyday life with the usual reach for a cigarette. With the help of scientifically based behavioral training, you will learn in no time at all how to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings through self-regulation and mental strength - i.e. without cigarettes.

At the beginning of the switch to the vaporizer, you may have to cough more often. There are several reasons for this: Conventional cigarettes contain anesthetics that suppress the urge to cough so that you can inhale the smoke undisturbed. The vaporizer does not contain any narcotic substances, which means that coughing is not suppressed. In addition, your lungs recover very quickly after giving up cigarettes and the cilia in your lungs destroyed by smoking grow back. This can also lead to coughing. So basically, the initial cough is a good sign - you're giving up the toxins from cigarettes and your body is recovering. After a few days, the cough goes away in most people. Make sure you're drinking enough water.


A vaporizer is an evaporator that contains a liquid, usually containing nicotine, instead of tobacco. When smoking, the liquid is heated by a battery-powered heating element and finally vaporized. The composition of the liquid, which is in an associated pod, depends on the product and therefore varies greatly - the liquid usually contains distilled water, the additives propylene glycol and glycerin, various flavorings and nicotine.

Depending on the facility and location, there are some restrictions on the public use of vaporizers. Therefore, please check the legal regulations beforehand.

The nuumi vaporizer was developed and designed in Germany. The battery systems are produced in Asia and the liquids are manufactured by a doctor and pharmacist in Germany based on the drug guidelines.

All nuumi products can only be purchased from the official nuumi shop.

Everyone who is at least 18 years old and who does not have any of the following contraindications may purchase the vaporizer:

  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Persons with respiratory diseases or allergies to product components: E-liquids used with this vaporizer contain glycerin. In diabetics, glycerin can lead to hyperglycemia or glucosuria.
  • Individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease or diabetes
  • Individuals on treatment with antidepressants or asthma medications
  • Non-smokers are advised not to use vaporizers inside

The difference between a traditional cigarette and a vaporizer is that the vaporizer vaporizes a liquid instead of burning tobacco. The liquid consists mainly of glycerin and propylene glycol and, unlike cigarettes, does not produce smoke but vapor. The liquids contain significantly fewer harmful substances than tobacco cigarettes and are therefore significantly less of a burden on physical health

  1. The vaporizer consists of a battery carrier and the associated nicotine-containing pods. Before using the vaporizer for the first time, fully charge it with the supplied cable by plugging the cable into the charging socket and connecting it to a suitable socket. Charge the vaporizer until the LED indicator turns solid white.
  2. Download the nuumi app. This is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Before using the vaporizer for the first time, you must first complete the basic module there. Only then can you connect the vaporizer to the app.
  3. After the successful pairing between your vaporizer and the app, you can take the pod out of the packaging and remove the silicone caps. Please check the pod for leaks before each use.
  4. Insert the pod into the vaporizer and unlock it in the app. Then follow the instructions in the app.
  5. After the pod has been unlocked in the app, the vaporizer is ready to use. To inhale the vapour, pull on the vaporizer's mouthpiece. If the LED indicator lights up white when you puff, the vaporizer is working properly.
  6. The app tracks every move made. The vaporizer does not need to be connected to the app to be used. The puffs are saved offline on the vaporizer and transferred to the app the next time you connect. If you still reach for a cigarette in between, please add each smoked cigarette manually in the app. This is the only way that nicotine withdrawal can be personalized for you.

Please store the vaporizer in a cool and dry place if possible. Too warm or too humid conditions can damage the vaporizer. To ensure normal operation, the temperature must be between 0°C and 50°C (charging) or -10°C and 60°C (using). Direct sunlight and moisture should always be avoided.

For reasons of hygiene, please always keep the vaporizer clean. To clean the vaporizer, simply separate the pod from the mod and clean both parts with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Please make sure that no water enters the pod.

If your vaporizer produces little vapor, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

Low battery level

When your vaporizer's battery is low, it may produce less vapor than normal. In this case, fully charge the vaporizer to start vaping properly again.

Dirty battery

With frequent use, dirt in your mod can cause vapor production to drop. In this case you should clean the vaporizer thoroughly. This is best done with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Little liquid in the depot

As the pod runs out of liquid, vapor production slows down. Simply swap out the empty pod to start producing more vapor again.

Wrong pulling technique

Sometimes when the vaporizer produces little vapor, it's simply because you're not drawing properly. This can happen especially when switching from cigarettes to a vaporizer - you draw too short and too hard on the vaporizer. The result: too little steam. To get around this, hit the vaporizer gently and slowly increase the intensity.

Defective pod

If you have followed all of the previous tips and vapor production is still limited, your pod may be defective. In this case, please contact nuumi customer service by email at service@nuumi.de . We are glad to help you.

Your vaporizer generates heat because the liquid contained in the pod is heated by a heating wire. If you use your vaporizer a lot in a short period of time, you may feel the heat on your hand - this is normal and nothing to worry about. If the device is unusually hot, stop using it for a few minutes. As soon as the vaporizer has cooled down, you can continue vaping normally.

Basically, taking a vaporizer with you when flying is not a problem. However, the different air pressure in the aircraft can cause the air inside the Liquidpods to expand and liquid to escape. In this case, wipe off the spilled liquid with a cloth and then wash your hands. Remember that you can only transport your vaporizer and the associated pods in your hand luggage.

Below is a listing of the different LED functions:

  • The vaporizer is successfully paired with the app: white LED flashes 4x
  • New pod is inserted: red LED flashes 3x
  • Pod is activated with the app: white LED flashes 2x
  • Activated pod is inserted: white LED flashes 2x
  • Battery level is below 5%: red LED flashes 5x
  • Child lock activation: red LED flashes 3x
  • Deactivation of child lock: white LED flashes 2x
  • Vaporizer puff: white LED lit (pod activated) or red LED lit (pod needs to be activated)
  • Charging process: red LED is on (charging in progress) or white LED is on (charging complete)
  • Battery level is below 5%: red LED flashes 5x
  • Safety shutdown: red LED flashes 3x
  • Short-circuit protection: red LED flashes 3x

The user manuals are always included in the packaging of the respective products. Alternatively, you can also find all operating instructions online .

The low battery level is signaled to you by the red operating LED lighting up. You can also check the battery status within the app.

To charge the vaporizer, connect the battery with the included cable and plug it into a USB-C port or wall adapter (5V / 2A). The power LED will now light up red and the charging process will begin. As soon as the operating LED lights up white, the battery is fully charged.

You can easily check the charging status of the vaporizer in the app or check it using the operating light. As long as the charging process is in progress, the LED lights up red continuously. When the vaporizer is fully charged, the LED will turn white.

No, the vaporizer is only compatible with the nuumi charging cable. Using a different charger can damage your vaporizer's battery, increasing the risk of a cord fire. Therefore, please only use the supplied charging cable for charging.

Dispose of your defective or old vaporizer at a municipal collection point, as required by law. Disposal with normal household waste is expressly prohibited and violates the nationwide battery law (BattG). Further information on disposal options and the battery law can be found at www.grs-batterien.de or from the responsible Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety at www.bmu.de/Waste Management .


No. The use of the vaporizer is only possible with the pods provided by nuumi. Using pods from other manufacturers can cause damage to the vaporizer, for which nuumi assumes no liability.

  1. Before inserting each new pod, remove the two silicone caps that serve as hygienic protection.
  2. First check the pod for leaks.
  3. Insert the new pod into the slot provided with the contacts facing down. A magnet fixes the new pod.
  4. Activate the new pod in the nuumi app.
  5. The pod is now ready for use.

Unlike conventional cigarettes, no tobacco is burned when using a vaporizer. Instead, the liquid contained in the pods is heated and vaporized. So the correct answer is that the pods produce vapor instead of smoke.

There are several occasions when you should replace your nuumi pod:

  • The pod is empty and therefore does not produce any vapor.
  • The pod has been damaged by a fall or the like.
  • Small droplets of liquid (“Spitback”) keep coming out of the mouthpiece, even after multiple cleanings.
  • The pod is broken and cannot connect to the app. In this case, please contact nuumi customer service by email at service@nuumi.de .

If one of the above situations occurs, please stop using it and exchange the pod.

The liquids are made in Germany by a doctor and pharmacist according to the drug standard and contain glycerin, propylene glycol, double-distilled water, aroma and nicotine.

Yes, the nuumi liquids are vegan. No animal ingredients are used in the manufacture of our products.

No. All pods are fully sealed inside. If you mix your own liquid and refill the pod, your vaporizer may become inoperable.

The mixing ratio of the liquids was specially developed by us to achieve optimal steam generation and aroma development. For this reason too, you should only use original nuumi pods with the associated vaporizer.

In rare cases, the product can cause allergic reactions and cause irritation of the respiratory tract. Lung function and general health can be affected by the toxic effect. The use of vaporizers and their accessories is expressly and exclusively at your own risk. If you notice any undesirable effects on yourself or other people, stop using it and, if necessary, contact a medical specialist. If you are allergic to certain artificial or natural flavorings, we advise against using liquids.

We recommend disposing of the pods at a municipal collection point or a recycling center.

Behavior training

In our scientifically based behavioral training, you will learn strategies through exciting learning audio and interactive tasks to develop new behaviors that replace your old patterns. You will learn to turn off negative thoughts and feelings through self-regulation and mental strength and gradually regain power over your own decisions. A library with numerous exercises and tools is available to you around the clock and your personal coach will support you 24/7 so that you can stop smoking forever.

We recommend investing at least 5-10 minutes in behavioral training every day. In general, though, the more time you can spend developing your mental strength, the better.


The nuumi app is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The nuumi app helps you to carry out nicotine cessation and behavioral therapy. Within the app, features such as AI coaching, scientifically based behavioral training and automated tracking of your smoking behavior are available to you so that your nicotine cessation can be successful.

Before using the vaporizer for the first time, you must first register in the app and complete the basic module there. Only then can you connect the vaporizer to the app. Then follow the pairing flow in the app. See the Basics module for instructions on how to do this.


To take out a nuumi subscription, you first have to answer a few short questions about your smoking behavior in the configurator. Based on this, we create a program for you to quit smoking that is individually tailored to you. Once this is done, you have the option to purchase the vaporizer and the associated personalized subscription in our shop.

The subscription includes the necessary number of pods to cover your individual nicotine needs. These are delivered to your desired address every month and automatically adapted to your changing needs. You also get unlimited access to the nuumi app, which has countless features that make your smoking cessation possible - such as 24/7 AI coaching, scientifically based behavioral training and automated tracking of your smoking behavior.

The monthly costs for the subscription start at 49€. However, the subscription price depends on individual smoking behavior, since the number of pods required differs from smoker to smoker.


To create a customer account, click on the 👤 symbol in the top right navigation and select “Create Account”. Simply enter your e-mail address and a password there and follow the further instructions.

In order to be able to create a customer account on nuumi.de, you must be at least 18 years old due to the German Youth Protection Act. There are no other restrictions for registration.

If you cannot log in, please first check whether you have entered your e-mail address correctly. If this is the case, please reset your password. If you still cannot access your account, please contact our customer service by email at service@nuumi.de .

If you have forgotten your customer account password, you can reset it using your email address. Simply click on "Reset Password" in the registration form and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact our customer service by email at service@nuumi.de.


The nuumi vaporizer has several functions to ensure safe use:

Safety shutdown: If you puff on the vaporizer for more than 6 seconds, the battery will no longer deliver any power. In this case, the operating LED lights up 3x.

Short-circuit protection: In the event of a short-circuit (Pod's resistance is less than 0.4 ohm), the battery will no longer provide power. In this case, the operating LED lights up 3x.

Overcharge Protection: Stops charging when the battery is almost fully charged.

No. The vaporizer should always be protected from moisture to ensure safe use of the product.

If the vaporizer and its components have been dropped or hit, please make sure that the product is still usable before continuing to use it. Check whether liquid is leaking, the mouthpiece has cracks or sharp edges, or parts are loose. If this is the case, please stop using the product. The repair of the vaporizer is never to be carried out independently and only by the manufacturer.

Payment & Shipping

If the vaporizer and its components have been dropped or hit, please make sure that the product is still usable before continuing to use it. Check whether liquid is leaking, the mouthpiece has cracks or sharp edges, or parts are loose. If this is the case, please stop using the product. The repair of the vaporizer is never to be carried out independently and only by the manufacturer.

We currently accept the following payment options:

Credit and Debit Card
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Klarna installment purchase
Klarna PayNow

Shipping is free.

As soon as we have shipped your order, you will receive an e-mail from us with the tracking number of your package. You can view the status of your order online at any time and track the day on which your package is expected to arrive.

All orders are handed over to the responsible delivery service within 24 hours after receipt of the order. After that, the delivery time is about 2-3 working days. Orders placed after 11am on Saturday will not be processed until the next business day.

No, we currently only deliver orders to German delivery addresses. However, we are working on expanding our program and thus also the delivery area in a timely manner.

Orders are currently shipped with DHL and UPS. However, we are working on cooperating with other shipping service providers.

To return a product, please contact nuumi customer service by sending an email to service@nuumi.de , stating your order number and your request. We'll help you start the return.

The nuumi customer service will help you with all questions about incomplete, damaged or incorrect items and orders. Send us an email to service@nuumi.de stating your order number and your request so that we can help you.